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How to Fit your Splashback

You can easily fit your splashback by following the instructions below. Please study them thoroughly before you start. Do be very careful to protect the coated side from damage.

To install your splashback you will need the following:

  • The correct adhesive/sealant
  • A tape measure
  • Masking tape
  • A length of timber with a straight edge. (required if the splashback is not sitting on a benchtop)

Although your glass splashback is suitable for use with a gas hob, you must ensure that it is situated in such a way that the flame cannot come into direct contact or close proximity to it.

The legal requirement is a minimum of 200mm from the centre of the rear burner to the face of the splashback.

Fitting instructions

Important: Use only the recommended adhesive/sealant (supplied)

  1. Ensure that the surface of the wall is sound, properly sealed and free of dust and dirt, flat and level and suitable for fixing a glass splashback to.
  2. Carefully measure the wall and mark out the correct position for the splashback. Ensure there is a small gap (approx. 2mm) between the splashback and the range hood.
  3. If the splashback is to sit on the bench top, apply a thin line of the recommended adhesive/sealer along the back of the bench where it meets the wall to ensure that any gap between the wall and bench is sealed.
  4. If the splashback is not to be supported by a benchtop, gently nail a piece of timber or board to the wall or carefully prop up the glass with timber supports to support the splashback in the correct position while the adhesive is curing, (if the splashback is not supported while the adhesive is curing it is likely to slip down, or come away from the wall)
  5. Carefully lay the splashback face down on the bench top or other suitable surface and apply the recommended adhesive. (Ensure that you do not apply the adhesive too close to the edge of the splashback or it may leak out around the edges when you are putting it against the wall.
  6. Gently push the splashback onto the wall, ensuring that the adhesive spreads out on the back of the splashback to provide a good seal. Pull the splashback away from the wall a little to allow the adhesive to cobweb and then push it back into place (cobwebbing helps the adhesive to cure).
  7. If you applied the adhesive too close to the edge of the splashback and it does leak out around the edges clean it off the wall as soon as you have safely secured the splashback.
  8. You can use the masking tape to secure the splashback to the wall while the adhesive is curing if you are concerned about it falling. Initial curing takes about 24 hours.

The adhesive might show through for a few days, especially with certain metallic colours, this will fade after a few days and should be gone after about a week.


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